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A few farewell words from Mrs. Yantzer . . .

Greetings HK8 students and family! It is bittersweet to write my final Wednesday Express. I have been writing expresses for 16 years and each one has always been different! This last express is especially difficult as it is my farewell message to you all. There is so much I would love to say but I hope the past 16 years have filled your hearts, minds and souls with positive messages as well as, I hope my leadership has provided a foundation for success and one that will continue to be built upon! HK8 is an amazing school! My family will always consider HK8 and Hotchkiss our home.

My students: “Be yourself as everyone is taken”!

Some of you have heard that quote for many years and some for only a year. Either way, trust in yourself and always believe in yourself. Give everyday your best, regardless of the situation. Show your G.R.I.T.! Let your inner beauty shine! Each of you possesses many special gifts and talents and there is no one else like you in the entire world! Use each day to discover wonderful you! Thanks for filling my heart with so much joy and happiness!

My Staff: 3 P’s - Passion, Purpose and Plan

We have an incredible Hotchkiss K8 family! I am so grateful that our students get to experience each of you everyday. HK8 is such a special place because of each of you. Thank you for giving so unselfishly of yourself everyday for the betterment of our kids. Continue to show your passion everyday! Always allow your purpose to support your passion. Let that passion of loving and educating every student everyday shine through! Lastly, continue to develop those life-changing plans. Thank you for always believing in our school!! I believe in each of you and your power to make a positive difference every day. My heart has been touched by each of you and I am honored to call each of you my colleagues and my family.

My Parents: The team behind the team

Thank you for sharing your incredible and amazing children with me everyday. Thank you for letting me love them unconditionally as each of them are so remarkable. Parents thank you for always being so dedicated and supportive of HK8. Thank you for always believing in our mission and values. Each of you truly are the team behind the team and that is what makes our school so successful.

My Hotchkiss Community: Hotchkiss Pride – Be Proud of Who You Are and What You Do All the Time

Not only are we the friendliest town around but we also show our Hotchkiss Pride daily. Our Hotchkiss community is one in a million and our values run deep in our town and they are built upon trust and continuous support for one another. Keep up the Hotchkiss Pride!

Once a BULLDOG always A BULLDOG! Thank you for blessing me with the most incredible 16 years, I love you all!!!!

With lots of LOVE, admiration and Hotchkiss Pride Always,

Mrs. Yantzer

“Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain the same”

Carrie Yantzer
Principal, Hotchkiss K-8


End of the Year events
May 16, 2016, 7:56 pm

In a recent study from Harvard University, HMH’s GO Math! was the only program found to have a statistically significant positive result on student achievement.


May 19

Congratulations to our 8th Graders as they will be continuing on to high school. Thank you to all our staff at HK8 for giving of their hearts everyday for the betterment of our students. Thank you to all our parents and family members! It was a wonderful evening of celebration!

8th graders - "BE YOUR OWN SUPERHERO"!


May 17

Congratulations to our 7th/8th Grade Track kids! They had a great season! Everyone improved over the season. We had two awesome records broke! Tawny Roberts broke the 2009 7th grade 800M record by a 1/2 second. She ran a 237.3! The Boys Medley Relay (Kenny Drbohlav, Oliver Mendoza, Connor Bronkan, Yahir Chavez) broke the 7th grade record by runnng a 2:01.1! The 7th grade Girls Medley team(Tawny Roberts, Bella Brezonick, Damin Harrison, and Isabella Spano) had a 1st place finish at every single track meet this season! Hotchkiss Pride in action! Thank you to our coaches, Coach Murtaugh, Coach Burke, Coach Cranor, and Coach Duboulay!

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