• a. Safety, Order, Rights
  • b. Hands Off Policy
  • c. Responsibility to Report
Hotchkiss Pride
Be Proud of Who You Are and What you Do - All the time - Know It! Believe It! Live It!
Follow the Fish Philosophy
Play, Be There, Make Their Day and Choose Your Attitude




• I believe I can learn.

• I know that the harder I work the more I will learn.

• I am tenacious and will reach my goals.

• I will make mistakes and learn from them.

• I have unlimited potential.

• I will never give up.

GRIT - is the trait that tells you to keep “chugging” at something despite setbacks!

We will be focusing on the word GRIT!

GRIT - is Passion + Perseverance = Successful Goals!

HK8 will continue on our path of learning how to develop a Growth Mindset!

Carrie Yantzer
Principal, Hotchkiss K-8


Protecting our HK8 House - Bully Free
October 15, 2014, 11:59 am


Feb 24

RIDE THE ROCKIES will be at HK8 June 15, 2015!

It is the 30th Anniversary of Ride the Rockies and this is the 3rd time we will be hosting this awesome event.

We are in need of volunteers to help coordinate and work at this event! Please email Mrs. Yantzer if you can help, cyantzer@deltaschools.com.

HK8 families if you can provide an extra bed or an extra spot in June, the riders will be looking for a soft bed/comfortable spot to stay for the night. For every paid rider HK8 will receive $25.00 and the Hotchkiss Chamber will receive $5.00. Please email the Hotchkiss Chamber at ridetherockies15@gmail.com, if you have extra room for guests.

The proceeds from this event will support technology for students, and the development of our “Bulldog Community Park” project we are creating on our school grounds. Our “Bulldog Community Park” will have community gardens, pathways and benches installed. We would also like to develop a concrete sidewalk on Lorah Lane so our students and community members have a safe place to walk when coming to and leaving the school.

Feb 24

Parents/Guardians: If your child is absent or going to be absent from school please make sure to call the school and notify us. It is our primary goal to make sure all students are accounted for each day. Thank you! Office phone: (970) 872-3325.

Feb 15

Friday the 13th was a day of fun at HK8! The 6th-8th graders had an awesome Glow in the Dark dance sponsored by Student Council and our K5 students enjoyed Valetine's Day Parties. Thanks parents and teachers for all your help! Have a safe and enjoyable winter break. Thank you for always making HK8 such a special place. See everyone on Feb. 23rd!

Jan 22

Brr it is cold outside! Please note that we will be posting a RED sign by the bus drop off lanes and parent drop off lane in the morning only if it is an INSIDE day. If there is a RED sign that means, brr it is too cold to be outside so come on in!! This is for morning recess only. Other recess times teachers will be notified to let kids know if it is inside or outside recess. Our goal is to help increase the communication in the mornings about inside or outside recess. Thank you!

Jan 18

Have you ever wanted a mat for your children? We have wrestling/gymnastic mats for sale. Please contact Mr. Flores for more information richard.flores@deltaschools.com or 872-3325. The price is anywhere from $100.00 to $250.00.

Jan 18

Needing to get a message to a staff member? Please check out our webpage where there is a direct link to their email. In addition you can also use the staff member’s first name dot (.), last name and the domain@deltaschools.com.

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1st Rolinda.Smith Angela.Flores

2nd Laurie.Hill Jeannie.Hinyard

3rd Fran.Stein Rhonda.Pinckard

4th Kathryn.Oxford Amber.Bayles

5th Tucker.Moore Chuck.Miller


Scott.Murtaugh Susan.Hamrick Richard.Flores Kena.Price

Alexandra.Lingberg Curtis.Hintz Jeannette.Carey

Paras/Resource/Specials/P.E./Psychologist/Adm. Assistants/Lunch Bunch

Jennifer.West Glenda.Young Tara.Underwood Maureen.Ayers

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Raul.Oliva Debbie.Tribble Carla.Shreve Leslie.Sparks

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Safe To Tell Safe2Tell® provides YOUNG people a way to report any threatening behaviors or activities endangering themselves or someone they know, in a way that keeps them safe and anonymous. Safe2tell.org