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  • a. Safety, Order, Rights
  • b. Hands Off Policy
  • c. Responsibility to Report
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HK8 Expectations/Procedures

For the next few weeks I will be using the Wednesday Express to explain our expectations. I will be explaining our “Power of 3”. This week’s focus is Power #1! I will also explain our newly adopted Bulldog B.A.R.K. (Believe Achieve, Respect, Knowledge). We have spent the past month explaining our expectations/procedures to students. I would like to share it with parents as research shows that the school/home partnership is essential for student success. My goal would be to have a “common language” of expectations at home and at school. If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me as I love having the opportunity to visit with parents!! Thanks!

Power #1

Safety, Order, Rights

Safety It is our responsibility to provide a safe environment mentally, physically, and socially for every student everyday. Example of “Safety” is keeping all our doors locked during the school day with the exception of the main doors. We also have 16 video cameras in place to help with safety.

Order This is our organization of the general function of our school. “Order” includes; rules outlined in our HK8 Handbook and the Delta County School District Policies. An example of order is how we have taught our students to walk in a line on the right side of the hallways.

Rights Every student has the right to the best education possible, but they do not have the right to take away another students rights. An example of “Rights” is students can learn everyday without disruptions.

Hands Off Policy -This is a simple expectation for students to understand ☺.

From the top of each student’s head to the very tip of their toes that is their space and they cannot invade someone else’s space without that person’s permission. For example when students are in line they are expected to keep their hands to themselves without touching or poking others. A student may go into a student’s space if they agree, for example if a student agrees to a game of tag or touch football.

Responsibility to Report

It is our responsibility to take care of each other. Responsibility to report means that each person at HK8 has the responsibility to watch out for one another and report both positive as well as negative things that happen at and/or around school. An example of “Responsibility to Report” is a student coming to the office to share good news about an event that happened in class. A student might also come into the office to report a problem in the bathroom.

With Hotchkiss Pride Always, Mrs. Yantzer

Carrie Yantzer
Principal, Hotchkiss K-8


2nd Annual Zombie Run 2014
September 16, 2014, 3:58 pm


Sep 16

Everyone needs a helping hand now and then. Our weekly Helping Hands Program will begin this Friday, Sept. 19th! If you are interested in having your children receive a "helping hand" bag of food for the weekend please click for the form.

Sep 16

2nd Annual Hotchkiss Zombie Run/Walk FUNdraiser! Come and be apart of the spooky fun! Click here for registration form


Sep 14


Zombie Run/Walk is like other fun runs with a start and finish line and 3.1 miles in between. Unlike other runs, the Zombie Run/Walk has zombies waiting to eat your brains (take the flags from your belt) throughout the run. Participants can register to be a zombie or participate in the race as a runner/walk. This is a fun run and organizers encourage runners/walkers to dress up as your favorite Halloween goblin or character as well. Participants who wish to run/walk but want to save their brains from the zombies can elect not to run with a flag belt and zombies.

Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 2:00 pm. Zombies should arrive at the start at 1:00 p.m. in full costume. Race organizers will have makeup artists available to complete the zombie transformation

Registration forms click here

Entry FEES:

Student runner/walker $10

Adult runner/walker $15

Student zombie $10

Adult zombie $15

Safe To Tell Safe2Tell® provides YOUNG people a way to report any threatening behaviors or activities endangering themselves or someone they know, in a way that keeps them safe and anonymous. Safe2tell.org