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Growth Mindset - HK8 Bulldogs have a Growth Mindset and G.R.I.T.

As we push through the last 6 weeks of school, I am reminding the kids what it means to have G.R.I.T. and a growth mindset. Carol Dweck’s work has been very inspirational to our school and myself. Here are a few guiding principals that might help you as parents as we continue to demonstrate our growth mindset and our daily G.R.I.T.

Here are Carol’s tips for encouraging a growth mindset:

• Don’t Praise Ability Or Intelligence: That promotes a fixed mindset. Compliment effort, process and choices.

• Don’t Ignore Outcome, Tie It To Effort: You can be happy when your kid succeeds, but attribute it to effort.

• Respond Positively To Failure: They need to know that failure isn’t bad; it’s a tool for improving.

• Don’t Just Say, “Try Hard.” Help Kids Set Goals: Blind repetition doesn’t work. Help kids strategize.

• Teach Growth Mindset In All Areas Of Life: There’s no area where they cannot improve with hard work.

• Talk To Your Kids About Your Own Growth Mindset Efforts: Practice it yourself and share your results.

I love Carol Dweck’s quote “Becoming is better than being”. Let’s continue to work together for the betterment of all our kids, as HK8 students are phenomenal and the daily GRIT they demonstrate is fantastic. Thank you parents for continually sharing them with us everyday. It truly is a pleasure to be involved in their daily lives. Their effort and persistence is paying off! Thank you for all the support you give to HK8!

With Hotchkiss Pride Always,

Mrs. Yantzer

Carrie Yantzer
Principal, Hotchkiss K-8


Technology information
September 18, 2015, 4:52 pm

News from our Technology Department:

Parents: This is an app available to iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) via iTunes. Kids are using the app "After School" nation wide and the reviews are not very positive. It seems this app is being used as a platform for anonymous bullying, sharing of sexual content, nudity, alcohol - tobacco- and drug use, and other inappropriate and explicit content among students. Also there are a few other inappropriate apps! Decoy apps may look like a common calculator, camera, a music app, a photo editing app or even a game apps.

If you are regularly monitoring your child’s devices—which includes tablets phones and laptops—then you will notice new apps and icons quickly. But, if it’s been a while since you took a look at your child’s phone, you’ve got some catching up to do since some of the “apps” may not be what their artwork icon appears to be.

For instance, the Secret Calculator decoy app allows users to hide secret photos, videos, documents and PDF files behind a working calculator. What an outsider sees is an ordinary calculator, but when a user enters his or her password, they can access secret files.Please be aware of the app, check into it, keep your kids safe and teach them about the dangers of social media and using it responsibly.

In a recent study from Harvard University, HMH’s GO Math! was the only program found to have a statistically significant positive result on student achievement.


Apr 27

Congratulations to our 14 National Junior Honor Society members! They pledged to uphold HK8 expectations and the national standards of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship and character. Thank you to our current 8th grade NJHS members and our HHS NHS students for helping in this wonderful candle ceremony. New NJHS members: Bella Brezonick, Micah Cooper-Sponseller, Kenneth Drbohlav, Adair Ela, Tessa Griffith, Traycer Hall, Amelia HIckam, Lauryn Kiefer, Ivy Kirk, Tawny Roberts, Adam Smith, Isabella Spano, Ava Taylor, and Ian Van Horn. Thank you MRS. BAYLES FOR ALL your hard work for our NJHS chapter.

Apr 10

Last Thursday, the Hotchkiss High School Alumni Association finalized our yearlong project of the Burns D. Drake Memorial Athletic Field plaque to be placed in a wonderful frame made by Ira Houseweart. We will be hosting a re-dedicate the field in the coming weeks! Thank you to all who helped make this project such a success!

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