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Student Resources

Go-Math (1-6) Resources

This is a focused program designed to meet the objectives and intent of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Each lesson in this rigorous curriculum begins with context-based situations and progresses toward more abstract problems. Students are supported as they advance from concrete to abstract content through the use of models. The program focuses on conceptual understanding and procedural fluency and offers multiple opportunities for practice including a daily spiral review. the program offers differentiated instruction activities for various student needs.

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Partner Sites

  • The Nature ConnectionThe Nature Connection - The Nature Connection’s goal is to inspire our communities to connect to nature through educational opportunities in fun and energized outdoor experiences in order to promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Delta County LibrariesDelta County Libraries Databases A-Z - Delta County Libraries has many resources that are not on the shelves; an endless world of information can be accessed through our online resources as well. Through Delta County Libraries online, you gain access to thousands of articles, images and more.


Aug 08

Hello parents and guardians, we would like to remind you that registration will be at HK8 on Wednesday, August 9th from 8-4:00.

Please be sure to register online at for a returning student. This needs to be done even if you haven't had any changes. If you would like to come to the school and register on one of the school computers you are welcome to come anytime between 8 and 3 Monday through Friday until school starts on August 21st.

If you have already registered online, thank you!

Kindergarten -3rd no fees.

4th -8th will have a planner fee - $5.00

6th will have a band fee a $60.00

7th -8th will have a supply fee - $10.00

6th and 7th graders you will be assigned a locker and 8th graders you get to pick your locker.

If you will play volleyball or football you'll need a physical and will have a $40.00 Sports fee.

If you can't make it to Wednesday registration have no fear, you're welcome to stop by Monday through Friday from 8-3:30 until school starts.

See you soon!


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